The Pravdinska orphanage houses about 130 children from the ages of 6 to 18. We've had relationships with many of these kids from the time they first arrived at the orphanage all the way up to today. Within these relationships resides our heart for this ministry: loving children "in action and in truth" (1 John 3:18).

Orphanage Ministry involves celebrating orphans' birthdays, visiting them when they're sick, walking with them through struggles, and simply being their friends. Over the years, we've been able to do Summer Camps at the orphanage, as well as other programs throughout the year. These activities and programs help to cultivate loving, trusting relationships between ourselves and these precious orphans and to help demonstrate what God's love means for their lives.

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Orphans in Ukraine graduate from the orphanage system at as early as the age of 14. Our Graduate Ministry works with children who have finished their time at the orphanages and moved on into "adulthood" and independence. Orphanage Ministry feeds directly into our Graduate Ministry; when an orphan graduates, he or she is encouraged to join in with Open Arms' graduate programs.

Open Arms meets various needs in the lives of graduates including temporary or long-term shelter, food, and healthcare. We also host weekly Graduate gatherings through the school year and seasonal Graduate Retreats, ensuring that each graduate has the opportunity to stay connected with us and with their orphanage "family."

Our goal is to see these children transition from life at the orphanage into adulthood, experiencing success and growth in their personal and spiritual lives. We desire that the Graduates in our ministry experience the love and support of a family and their Heavenly Father through the relationship they have with Open Arms.

Want to get involved by coming to serve at one of our Graduate Retreats?
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Our Prison Outreach Ministry helps fill in the gaps where the Ukrainian government fails to meet the needs of orphans in prison. In Ukraine, those who are in prison are not provided with their basic necessities and typically family or friends are expected to bring these items when they are needed. Our team works hard to continue to be kids' "families" by taking care of some of their needs.

Toothbrushes and toothpaste, shampoo, soap, medicine, winter coats, shoes, underwear, and blankets are items we regularly purchase and take to inmates we minister to. Delivering these supplies is no easy task! It is a process of traveling to prison, filling out form after form (Ukraine loves paperwork), waiting in long lines, and putting each item individually through the prison system. 

In addition to the regular prison system, we have also had the privilege of bringing in humanitarian aid to a juvenile prison – helping to remodel bathroom facilities and running programs for the boys there.

We have witnessed life transformation in kids through their time in prison and our ministry with them. It is our hope and prayer that this transformation takes place in each life through their difficult time; and that they find true grace through faith and a joy that will never fade.

60% of girls will turn to prostitution as a means of survival. This statistic has pulled at the hearts of our team members for years. It is incredibly difficult for the young ladies who leave the orphanage to find their true worth in a society that tells them they are only good for one thing.

The reality of the bleak futures these girls face brought about our Girls Ministry - a ministry dedicated to and focused on the girls who have transitioned out of the orphanage and are struggling to find their way in society. Weekly meetings, mentorship, coffee dates, and special girls nights in the Open Arms home are just some of the aspects that make up this exciting ministry. Through investing in their lives, our goal is to help these young ladies find their true worth in their Heavenly Father who sees them as His prized daughters.